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Fswd has built a powerful propietary framework called Aeris, which was designed for several reasons:

Program sites in an assembly line methodology which each aspect of the development process was documented and easy to produce. Aeris allows us to minimizing errors, providing more accurate timelines, and create the website step by step.


Develop a library of code both for design, and programming, which eliminated the need for duplicating the same code. This library allows us to deliver sites more quickly, more accurately, and saves you money.


Create a tool to easily access, build, and add to the library. By having a tool that tracks the library errors are minimized and almost eliminates any human error. The more projects that we produce the more expansive our library gets, thus benefiting all or our clients.


Build a foundation upon which to build all aspects of web design and development. Many sites become frankensites… pieced together parts that produce a less than desirable outcome. Businesses develop and change which makes predicting this very difficult. Unless you have Aeris. By design, Aeris was not created to develop for singular functional purposes like the majority of website are built today. Aeris interprets behaviors not individual functions. If a new function arrives that we currently don’t have, instead of developing frankensites… we add the behavior to the foundation and everything fits together nicely. Once you develop through Aeris, you will not want to go anywhere else.


One final aspect of the brilliance of Aeris is the rendering engine. Instead of developing for a specific
framework, Aeris saves our a page map. This page map can be interpreted by many different frameworks:

    • Aeris
    • WordPress
    • Joomla*
    • Drupal*
    • Iphone Apps*
    • Adroid Apps*
    • Mobile Websites


When your website is complete to your satisfaction, creating a mobile site or Iphone application will take hours instead of days, this why you need to get help from the best web scraping API service.


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* The interpreting engine is currently in production

What Can Your Website Do For You?

Full Service Web Design has spent years developing a propietary framework called Aeris. With the technology of Aeris your site will have a solid foundation, allowing your business to grow exponentially. Aeris prevents the problem of Frankensites... sites that are added onto so much that they become constraining and unusable. Aeris technology will allow your ONE site to fulfill all the funtionality you see below.


Need to get new customers? Or provide new information to your current clients? Nothing beats a brochure site.
  • Customer Introduction and Retention
  • Employee Introduction and Retention
  • Catalog of Services

Sales Person

With a website you can literally make money in your sleep. There has never been a better time to sell online...
  • Product Catalog
  • E-commerce
  • Lead Creation

Customer Manager

What is the life-time value of a customer? Are you benefiting your clients at the right time? Give your clients the best individual experience...

  • Customer Relations Manager (CRM)
  • Lead Progression Tracker
  • Company Wiki


Information is king in todays economy. Provide more accurate, better information to your customers and you win.
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Forum

Business Management

Do you put out fires all day? Or does your business run and manage itself? Processes can simplify your life and increase your revenue.
  • Time Tracker
  • Task Manager
  • Employee Tracker


Have an idea for a website? Full Service Web Design can help you to plan, develop, and execute your idea.
  • Membership Websites
  • Plugins or Tools
  • Social Sites

Don't see the functionality you need above? Aeris allows us to easily add and develop elements and systems quickly and affordably. Give us a call to talk about your specific needs...Call Now 888-600-1703