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Why Choose Full Service Web Design for your PROGRAMMING?

Over half of website development projects either never finish or have to involve 2 or 3 different teams of programmers. Why is the failure rate so high? Many factors contribute to these failures on both sides of the table:
  • the project was underfunded
  • a clear scope document wasn’t defined
  • the end goal was either not clear or communicated correctly
  • the development team was not savvy enough to complete the project or the completed it wrong
  • and several other factors….

How is Full Service Web Design able to overcome these issues?

In today’s global economy, you have to be efficient and on the top of your game at all times. Working with the element of human error can make this really difficult especially in website development. One misplaced “;” can cost minutes and even hours of debugging. While our competitors were out playing and having fun, Full Service Web Design was hard at work to solve the issues that plague the website development world. To deliver the best product you have to have the best system and that is what Full Service Web Design has developed.

Many Factors separate us from our competitors:

Ever wonder how you can go to a McDonald’s restaurant in any part of the world and get the same result? It is all about common calculated systems. Full Service Web Design has broken each aspect of website development and programming into basic processes and steps.

Our Process -

Lean manufacturing or assembly line work is the most efficient because it focuses on repetitive behavior and exploits it. If Toyota were to build a car from scratch every time it would cost $100,000′s of dollars, but through lean manufacturing you can build hundreds of them cutting the cost to $20,000 – $30,000.

Full Service Web Design has taken the same approach to web design. Each aspect of building a website application was broken down into small definable processes. A foundation was formed which allows us to build any functionality without conflicting with each other. A framework, Aeris was built in order to understand the outcomes of these processes and render them into a page map. The page map is interpreted by the website or application. This allows for ultimate control of the process and delivery of the system, including the website accessibility certification in order to have the accessibility for any viewer. Full Service Web Design delivers site less expensive, with fewer bugs or issues.


“I love your pricing and your work.”
- Dennis W.

Framework -

You will notice that FSWD references its framework Aeris quite a bit. Aeris is not so much a framework as it is a killing machine… killing machine of inefficiency. What Aeris provides is a library of easily accessible code. The best analogy is building a custom home compared to building manufactured housing. Each wall of manufactured housing is built within a factory using the assembly line process and then the pieces are taken to the site and the house is built in days instead of months. With Aeris not only do you get the efficiency of the assembly line process, but imagine if you didn’t have to build the walls at all but just click a button and the walls appeared. How much more quickly could you build your home faster than the competition? Hours instead of Days…. this solves many of the problems above because you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to see if the project is the way you envisioned it you will be able to get feed back much more quickly.

Foundation -
A key and integral piece to any development project is the foundation upon which the web site is built. Many times what happens is the foundation is planned for one type of process or functionality and works perfect for the process. Once the company evolves or changes all the sudden the foundation become broken and unusable. This is a problem that every software developer, custom web designer, and company faces. You won’t believe it, but Full Service Web Design has a solution for this as well. It is a proprietary solution so you will have to call us 888-600-1703 to find out the details. Just say tell me your foundation secret. You will be in awe of its simplicity, but amazed by the effectiveness.

“My website looks professional and I can’t be more happy. I know this will take my business to the next level.”
- Matt L.

Communication -
Finally the last piece of the equation is your input, the visionary of the project. In too many cases programmers think they know best and will “listen” to what you want and then retire to their cave only to emerge months later with their interpretation of your project. Sometimes they hit it on the head and sometimes your project was just dumb and they made it better, but never… no never are they wrong. Just doesn’t happen. Full Service Web Design has spent hours reprogramming our developers to think like normal people…that didn’t work. So instead an assembly line process was created with check points where you the visionary of the project must approve each of the steps. After the scope of your project is created, the following steps will occur:

  • Step #1 – You will have a wireframe of the project to look at to make sure it is how you envisioned it.
  • Step #2 – YOUR APPROVAL
  • Step #3 – You will receive a living mockup of all the potential functionality and how it will work.
  • Step #4 – YOUR APPROVAL
  • Step #5 – You will receive and inventory of all the elements and their functions.
  • Step #6 – YOUR APPROVAL
  • Step #7 – You will receive a handful of elements at a time to approve or give feedback on, until they are all complete.
  • Step #8 – FINAL APPROVAL

Each of these steps are usually days or a week apart so there is not a month lag where you don’t know or see what is going on with your project. Working with Full Service Web Design makes your project happen easier, more affordable, and quicker than the competition.

What Can Your Website Do For You?

Full Service Web Design has spent years developing a propietary framework called Aeris. With the technology of Aeris your site will have a solid foundation, allowing your business to grow exponentially. Aeris prevents the problem of Frankensites... sites that are added onto so much that they become constraining and unusable. Aeris technology will allow your ONE site to fulfill all the funtionality you see below.


Need to get new customers? Or provide new information to your current clients? Nothing beats a brochure site.
  • Customer Introduction and Retention
  • Employee Introduction and Retention
  • Catalog of Services

Sales Person

With a website you can literally make money in your sleep. There has never been a better time to sell online...
  • Product Catalog
  • E-commerce
  • Lead Creation

Customer Manager

What is the life-time value of a customer? Are you benefiting your clients at the right time? Give your clients the best individual experience...

  • Customer Relations Manager (CRM)
  • Lead Progression Tracker
  • Company Wiki


Information is king in todays economy. Provide more accurate, better information to your customers and you win.
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Forum

Business Management

Do you put out fires all day? Or does your business run and manage itself? Processes can simplify your life and increase your revenue.
  • Time Tracker
  • Task Manager
  • Employee Tracker


Have an idea for a website? Full Service Web Design can help you to plan, develop, and execute your idea.
  • Membership Websites
  • Plugins or Tools
  • Social Sites

Don't see the functionality you need above? Aeris allows us to easily add and develop elements and systems quickly and affordably. Give us a call to talk about your specific needs...Call Now 888-600-1703